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Brockman House Inc

Brockman House

Child Care

A Giant Leap

Leaving your child or children in the care of others is a giant leap for parents. It may be that you are returning to work, or that your child needs socialisation, or that you need respite, but when you leave your children in childcare you need to be assured that your child is safe, their needs will be met, and that they will enjoy themselves and benefit from their experiences in childcare.

We are a High Quality Accredited Service catering for children aged 0-6 years. We promote sustainable practices and have a veggie garden that is maintained by Educators and children and used to provide valuable learning opportunities and healthy eating.

Honouring our responsibility

Brockman Community House Childcare Centre honours the responsibility that parents give us when they leave their children in our care. We are a not for profit Long Day Care Centre, Fully Licensed for 31 children (aged 0-6 years) and rated Exceeding the National Quyality Standard. We do not profit from the care of children, rather the focus is on the care of the children and providing meaningful opportunities for children to develop through play. Parents and carers are pivotal in this process and are always invited to be a part of their children’s experiences at Brockman Community House Child Care Centre.

181 Altone Road, Beechboro, WA, 6063

Type  ZCDC
Phone  +610892791588
Days of operation  


Vacation Care Autumn Program 2023Brochure
  • Cancellations are charged as per normal bookings unless a minimum of 5 working days prior notice is given, at which time there will be no charge.
  • On excursion days please ensure your child arrives before 9am and is collected after 2.30pm
  • Breakfast is provided (7:00-7:30 am) and afternoon tea is provided (2:30-3:00pm)
  • Please provide your child with recess and lunch (nut free) and sun smart clothing, hat and a water bottle.

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