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6 - 3C Kidz Care Chairo Drouin - ASC

3C Kids Care

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If you have any further questions, please contact our office on 03 8790 3921 or


435 Lardners Track, Drouin East, VIC, 3818

Type  ZOSH
Days of operation  


3C Kidz Care OSHC program desires to create a Caring, Committed Community.

Location & hours of operation:

  • St Catherines Catholic Primary School (STC) BSC – 6.30 to 8.30 AM (breakfast is included) ASC – 3.10 to 6.00 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Waverly Christian College, Wantirna South (WCC WS) BSC – 6.45 to 8.45 AM (breakfast is included) ASC – 3.15 to 6.30 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren (WCC NWS) BSC – 6.45 to 8.45 AM (breakfast is included) ASC – 3.30 to 6.00 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Mount Evelyn Christian School (MECS) ASC – 3.00 to 6.00 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Chairo Christian School - Pakenham BSC – 6.45 to 8.45 AM (breakfast is included) ASC – 3.15 to 6.30 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Chairo Christian School - Drouin BSC – 6.45 to 8.45 AM (breakfast is included) ASC – 3.15 to 6.30 PM (afternoon snack is included)

  • Vacation Care - Contact Office for details 8790 3921

Enrolment procedure:

3C Kidz Care takes every measure to ensure that your children are safe and happy. Part of our duty of care is to ensure that we know who you are, which child/ren belongs to who, do they have any medical conditions, who is permitted to collect them from the service, who can be contacted in an emergency etc.
All of these details will be recorded during the enrolment process. If you need any assistance completing the online application, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly admin staff on (03) 8790 3921 with 9:00Am to 5:00PM Mon-Fri. To begin the enrolment process, click on the APPLY icon at the top of this page. An enrolment that is accurate and complete will take approximately a week to process. _ Please add another week if your child has a medical condition. Once the enrolment has been processed, you will receive written confirmation of your child's place in the program, or on the waiting list if the days requested are already full.

A non-refundable $30 enrolment fee per child applies for the first year and $15 for online re-enrolment.

Fees and fee structure:

Before School Care

  • Permanent bookings - $23.65 per child
  • Casual bookings - 27.50 per child

After School Care

  • Permanent bookings - $28.95 per child
  • Casual Bookings - $33.40 per child

Vacation Care (subject to minimum numbers)

  • Permanent Booking - Base Rate- $75.45 per child
  • Casual Booking - Base Rate - $85.55 per child

Early Drop off / Late fee

  • Parents are expected to drop their children off no earlier than the time the centre is open (6:30 am). If a child is dropped off earlier, you will incur a penalty fee of $15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof. Please note this rate is charged per child.
  • A late fee of $15 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) will be charged for late pick up of children from the program after 6:00pm. Please note that this rate is charged per child.


Permanent bookings are ideal for families that need the same days each week. The bookings ensure that your child always has a place on the day/days that you specify. Notification of cancellation to permanent bookings should be done in writing, providing 2 week’s notices. Casual bookings can be made up to a week in advance. We are also here to help on those days those things just simply don't go according to plan or you have a change of schedule. Call us on (03)87903921 before 1.30pm on the day you need care and we will do our best to assist, subject to available spaces. In order to provide casual care, a child must have a valid enrolment in the 3C program for the current year.

Medical Information:

  • An immunisation certificate MUST accompany each enrolment.
  • If your child/children suffer from asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis, a developmental delay, ASD, or any medically diagnosed condition, please ensure that you provide a current management plan (in colour) signed by your doctor. A recent photo of the child must be displayed on the action plan. A risk minimisation plan will be drafted and a 3C staff member will be in touch with you to discuss it.

Other information:

  • Please provide your child with a drink bottle every day and ensure that in Terms 1 and 4 they have a sunhat (broad rimmed) that can be used during the program as per the Sun Smart Policy mentioned in the Parent Handbook.
  • 3C Kidz Care provides breakfast (6.30am-8.00am) and afternoon tea (approx. 3.45pm). If your child/children has/have any food allergies please ensure that you disclose that on the enrolment form and feel free to discuss the matter with the centre supervisor. As part of our healthy nutrition policy, children are provided with fruit and a snack each afternoon.
  • FAQ'S are listed below.
  • Please clickhere. to access the Parent Hand Book.

Child Care Benefit/Rebate:

3C Kidz Care services are eligible for CCS. These federal programs reduce the cost of child care by 50% or more. Contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 to apply for CCS. Be sure to include your CRNs on the enrolment form.

Payment method:

Payments are processed through ChildCareEasyPay. Payments are debited from a nominated bank account or a credit card. Payments are processed weekly on Wednesdays. Payments will appear on your account as “CHILDCARE PAYMENT CEP AUSTRALIA AU”. No AMEX or Diners club Cards accepted.

Declined transactions will incur an administration fee of $15.

Contact Details:

  • Office: 03 8790 3921
  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
  • Administration/Accounts:
  • PO Box 2213, Fountain Gate, 3805
  • 426 Princes Highway, Narre Warren, 3805
  • Regional Manager: Dave Ng


Can my child bring toys from home to play with?
Bringing toys from home is discouraged as they often cause conflict and possible unacceptable behaviour. OSHC is not responsible if home toys get lost or damaged. Staff realise that children bring items to school, however we are not responsible for them at the service. While at the service they are to be kept in their bags. Mobile phones are to be turned off and kept in student’s school bags.

Will my child be watching any DVD’s while at the program?
Children occasionally watch DVD’s in the late afternoon when they are relaxing and waiting for their parents to pick them up. They are also used during Vacation Care as a special treat on certain days. Staff will ensure the content of the film is appropriate for all children attending the service. Only rating C and G will be allowed unless all parents give permission for their children to watch a PG film. A staff member will be watching the DVD at all times. If there is something they deem inappropriate they will use their discretion to stop the DVD, fast forward until it no longer appears and then continue the film or turn the film off.

Can my child do their homework while at the program?
As part of the program OSHC staff will provide a quiet safe area to carry out homework. Staff or peers will aid children with homework whenever possible. However, the OSHC program is not responsible for ensuring homework is completed. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s individual needs with the child and the Supervisor.

Can my child use a laptop or iPad while at the program?
If a child says homework requires use of these items, the 3C staff will contact the child’s teacher to discuss it. These items are not to be used for games or videos during OSHC. If there is any misuse, they will not be allowed to use these items. It is highly recommended that no technology be used during OSHC. 3C will not be responsible for loss or breakage of any iPads or laptops.

What will my child be doing while they are at the program?
Indoor and outdoor play are great avenues for learning. Children learn by touch, sight, taste, and hearing and smell as they discover and master skills during play experiences. Experiences enhance and further develop your child’s physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional developmental skills.
In the OSHC program learning is experienced in direct and indirect manners as children learn with a hands-on approach through experiencing, manipulating, questioning and immersing themselves into experiences provided.
Children learn at different rates and in styles. These are influenced by the child’s interests, differences, environment, parenting styles, likes and dislikes. 3C Kidz Care staff respect each child’s independence and encourage them to use their initiative and try everything to increase their awareness of the world and self.
3C Kidz Care considers the multicultural character of the community and the world around us. Staff will endeavour to break down any misleading stereotypes the children may have while maintaining individual respect and support for the children. Staff will endeavour to incorporate many different and changing subjects by organising special events and theme activities.

How can I find out what is being planned each week?
The program is planned on a fortnightly basis. It will be displayed on the parent notice board. To provide a child-focused program particular experiences may change depending on the children attending and the daily events to allow for spontaneous decisions. Weather can also influence a change to the program.
To ensure the program remains child-focused staff will undertake written observations on the children as this enables OSHC staff to program using developmental knowledge and with the children’s interests.

Do you evaluate the program at all?
A continuing assessment /evaluation of the program will be done on a fortnightly basis by the Director, Supervisor, staff, parents and children as this is a fundamental element of program planning. Surveys undertaken throughout the year will influence program planning in the future. Children, parents and staff will all have opportunities to input or comment on the program. A range of survey techniques will be used with the children ranging from formal discussion, asking the children to draw what they like at OSHC, written surveys and children’s interest checklists. We also encourage parents to be part of the evaluation process; if you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to write them down or make a time to come and speak with the Supervisor. Occasionally online surveys will be sent to parents.

Does the program celebrate any special days, including birthdays?
The OSHC program recognises that celebrations and festivals aid children to learn about people and cultures. To facilitate this, the service will incorporate a range of experiences that reflect the culture during the year. Children are encouraged to educate staff and peers attending the service about celebrated cultural events. We encourage parents to help with such celebrations or cultural festivals. OSHC and food handling requires that any food brought into the centre for sharing be discussed with the Supervisor beforehand. Birthday Cakes should be purchased and ensure the nutritional information and ingredients label is present and matches the product. No cakes, cupcakes, lolly bags, etc. made at home will be allowed, consumed or passed on to the family by any child in the service.

Attendance by ELC & Prep children

The OSHC program staff will make every effort to ensure that all prep children are successfully integrated into the program. A staff member will take or collect the child from their classroom for the first term of each year. All children must make their way to the 3C meeting area or room from the beginning of second term onwards.

ELC children will be collected from their classroom for after school care and escorted to their classroom for before school care. This will occur all year.

When making permanent bookings for ELC and PREP children, please be specific in your booking requirements. Your booking should state the exact start date of bookings, bearing in mind that the children have short days and no school days in the first few weeks of each year. Afterschool care is only provided from the time that the whole school closes, so if the ELC have a day that ends early (e.g., midday or 1pm), you will need to make arrangements to collect them.

_If you have any further questions, please contact our office on 03 8790 3921 or _