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Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre

Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre

At Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre we believe children must be provided with many different experiences which allow them to discover their individual learning paths. Children can develop their knowledge through learning respect for themselves and others, socialising with their peers and Educators.

Our core principle is to provide a safe and trusting environment full of various structured, unstructured activities and resources that are age appropriate to ignite and inspire a curiosity to learn. Activities encompass social, emotional, cultural, physical and intellectual areas to ensure a child’s holistic development. We empower children with the knowledge and confidence to assist their transition into school and the community.

We also believe children communicate and learn about the world around them through speech, writing, movement, drawing, painting, culture, shadow play, sole play, collage, technology and learning through everyday routines. We will endeavour to provide many extra inclusions to enhance their development.

In our centre we empower children to explore their environment through play to develop an understanding of Belonging, Being and Becoming as this will assist them to be successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active informed citizens in their future.

Equality, inclusion and diversity underpin our beliefs for a strong, supportive community. We appreciate and enjoy the wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds of our community including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders. We strongly encourage families to involve us with their language, culture and achievements by sharing music, art, recipes and celebrations with us.

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362 Portrush Road, Tusmore, SA, 5065

Type  ZCDC
Phone  08 8331 2555
Days of operation  


Our Rooms

Children will begin their learning journey with us in the room that suits their age, skill level and needs. As the year progresses and your child’s knowledge develops, they will become more confident and desire further challengers at this time they will transition into the next room.


Our nursery caters to your child’s individual needs and routine.

We offer a variety of experiences to encourage:

Rolling, crawling, walking, dancing, climbing, balancing, riding and exploring indoors and out. Language is development through singing, music, stories and craft which are incorporated into every day routines. Our facility and equipment and outdoor area are suited for 0-2 year old’s.


The transition from nursery into the toddler room is an exciting time as children are becoming independent and developing new skills.

We will encourage your child to:

Wash their hands, and face, before and after meals Serve their own food when appropriate Toilet training is supported when they are ready Art and craft, music and movement, puzzles and memory games, numbers and letters, culture and language, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability and animal care is built upon on from their time in the nursery. Given a lot of opportunities to choose their activities, interests and learning direction as they become more verbal in their interests.

Pre Kindy

The activities, programs and group discussions are becoming more complex to assist the development of your child’s understanding of the world around them.

Your child will continue learning:

Various art and craft, music and movement, puzzles and memory games, numbers, letters, words , culture and language, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability and animal care. By preparing and serving food, setting the table and accessing their own drinking water.


The Kindy room has a more formal approach to education between 9am and 3pm. We have dedicated teachers who works directly with your child to create programs based on your child’s interests and the educational needs to prepare them for school.

Children will continue the early reading and technology program. Kindy children will also extend their education with further art and craft, music and movement, puzzles and memory games, numbers, letters, and words, culture and language, health and hygiene, science, environmental sustainability and animal care.


Our highlight is our meal times. Which is great time for children to learn and experiences a multiple of flavours from different cultures. This brings us back to children learning through their world by discussing with the educators where the recipe has originated.

Good nutrition plays a very important role in children’s physical and mental development in their early childhood. Children all have their own unique nutritional requirements. We aim to support this by having a wide variety of foods from the five food groups.

Burnside Advanced Early Learning centre’s nutritional program includes a 4 week rotating seasonal menu that meets children’s needs.

Our qualified chef freshly prepares all of the children’s meals on-site each day.

The following meals are provided each day;

Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Late snack, Dinner

Water is fundamental for healthy children, its helps prevent tooth decay and through the fluoride in drinking water forms strong teeth. Water is always available to the children throughout the day.

Our Centre is nut-free and our procedures comply with all food safety regulations. Our qualified staff will accommodate children with allergies or special dietary requirements.