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Clever Kids Child Care and Kindergarten

Clever Kids is a long day care facility and funded Kindergarten that has been operating for over 20 years. The team at Clever Kids have worked to build a centre that provides exceptional quality care and education within our local community. By maintaining a consistent and professional team of staff, we facilitate continuity and familiarity for the children and their families. Our educator-to-child ratios are higher than the recommended minimum, ensuring better supervision and relationship-building. Our team-approach ensures a harmonious and friendly environment for our children, families and staff who enjoy working with us year after year. We pride ourselves on employing more highly qualified educators, meaning your children are in the best of hands.

We are licensed as an approved Long-Day-Care-Centre and government funded kindergarten. Our fees are competitive with other services within the area, whilst maintaining the quality of care for your child. Families may be entitled to government funding to reduce your fees in the form of the Childcare Subsidy. To be eligible for this type of fee assistance, families must meet certain eligibility criteria, as determined by the Federal Government.

432 Warrigal Road, Ashburton, VIC, 3147

Type  ZCDC
Phone  9886 0000
Days of operation  


Clever Kids is a small centre of 45 places per day, meaning your child will never be lost in a crowd or become a number in the system. Each and every child becomes a part of the Clever Kids family, surrounded by caring educators in our homely centre. Our shared playground allows for siblings to enjoy time together and provides numerous learning opportunities for children to develop their skills and confidence in socialising and decision making. We utilise our small community to promote identity and wellbeing in all our members, from the smallest of our learners to our school-ready Clever Kids. We work closely with families to follow routines and maintain consistency from home to childcare, ensuring a smooth transition peace of mind.

All meals professionally catered for providing balanced, nutritious meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Our 6 weekly rotating menu provides healthy variety with meals kids love. We ensure every child has something available within their dietary needs: we work with parents to find suitable foods. No child goes hungry at Clever Kids!