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Little Stars Child Care II

Little Stars Child Care Centre

About Us

It is the goal of this centre to provide an environment that is enriching and fulfilling for all the centre users. The family is seen as a unit and each child is recognised as a unique individual. Families, parents and staff will endeavour to work together to ensure that the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the child are considered first priority of the curriculum. All children are encouraged to develop their own personality to hold their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. It is our belief that children should be given opportunities to be involved in making decisions about how they spend their time. The provision of an interesting and challenging environment will enable children to make wise choices about their learning activities.The service uses Early Years Learning Framework to guide the curriculum to ensure children become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.The Core value and belief of the service are guided by Code of Ethics and United Nations Rights of the child. Children’s learning is ongoing and each child will progress towards outcomes indifferent and equally meaningful ways. We recognise learning is not always predictable and linear. It is our role to provide appropriate learning experiences for stages rather than ages in consultation and partnership with families. Each person is a whole being worthy of respect regardless of gender, disability, race or religion. Children have the right to grow with good self image and pride in who they are.Children will have opportunities to interact socially with their peers and are guided in respecting the rights and feelings of others.Children are encouraged to settle their differences in a constructive and peaceful way.Children are entitled to good physical care in a safe sanitary environment, a nutritious food program and careful supervision.

1 Querrin Ave, WILLETTON, WA, 6155

Type  ZCDC
Phone  +610893541072
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