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Federation Children's Centre Mt Helen - Waiting List

Federation Children's Centre Mt Helen

Federation Children's Centres, located on campus at Mt Helen and SMB provide quality childcare and kindergarten programs for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Centres offer a caring and supportive environment with flexible and stimulating learning experiences.

Our Philosophy

Federation Children's Centres value and respect the identity of the individual, embracing the diversity of all backgrounds, incorporating this into our educational program. We acknowledge the holistic nature of children's learning and provide an environment, which will enrich that learning and development.

We believe that our role as early childhood educators is to provide an environment which is stimulating, engaging and initiated by the children, encouraging children to learn through play and creative exploration.

We believe that an important part of childhood is being able to explore our community and surrounding natural environment, and we support this by giving children the choice to use natural materials in their play, encouraging sustainability, and by exploring our surrounding community within the University.

We support the identity of each child through a safe and comforting environment, developing relationships that are warm and supportive of each child and their family.

(SOURCE: ECA Code of Ethics, National Quality Framework 2011)

Our mission is to provide a relaxed and engaging environment, which provides challenges, interest, exploration and investigation, where children can follow their interests as they investigate through play and learning. We have the ability to do this within our unique community of the University. Exploring our natural surroundings, and being involved in our community.

  • Current as at 4th September 2013

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East Tce, MT HELEN, VIC, 3350

Type  ZCDC
Phone  +610353279456
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Mt Helen Campus

The Federation Children's Centre Mt Helen is located on campus. The centre can now accommodate 80 children, including a new funded kindergarten program. Children are placed into the appropriate room according to their age and stage of development. Children are provided high-quality education and care in a flexible, stimulating and inviting environment. Family involvement is encouraged at Federation Children's Centres.

The Mt Helen Centre recently completed refurbishments and renovations with the addition of two new rooms and extended playground, these developments have allowed us to expand the program offered in our unique natural environment.