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Federation Children's Centre SMB -Waitlist

Federation Children's Centre at SMB

Federation Children's Centres, located on campus at Mt Helen and SMB provide quality childcare and kindergarten programs for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Centres offer a caring and supportive environment with flexible and stimulating learning experiences.

Our Philosophy

Knowledge is central to quality

The acquisition and development of knowledge is central to the education of young children. A team of knowledgeable adults, who embrace and engage with the complexities of teaching enriches our work as well as improves the educational outcomes for children. We see a fostering and commitment to ongoing learning amongst educators as being central to our work and underpinning our educational practices.

Relationships and nurturance are important

Relationships take time to build and contributes to wellbeing, understanding of others, and supports collaboration. Working with children and families requires educators to commit to collaboration and in doing so view their work as being undertaken with the support of others.

Anything is possible

A mindset that supports success, is full of possibilities and is positive, ensures that we don't limit ourselves. An environment which supports reflection, contemplation, wonder and awe creates facilities learning for all. In doing so we foster a sense of pride that gives permission for us to be proud to be different.

We make a difference

Education is about making a difference to the lives of children. The difference we make should last a life time and have an impact on children, their families and their communities.

Environments matter

The environments we create have an impact on educational outcomes and the work we do. In creating these environments we need to take into consideration the context in which we are situated and the power of the built environment and nature in impacting on our lives.

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105 Lydiard St South, BALLARAT, VIC, 3350

Type  ZCDC
Phone  +610353278183
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SMB Campus

The Federation Children's Centre at SMB is a state of the art facility located between Lydiard and Armstrong Streets. It provides high quality education and care in a flexible, stimulating and inviting environment. The Centre can accommodate up to 80 children and it also incorporates teaching space for Early Childhood Education students in VET and higher education programs. The Centre features five children's rooms as well as a kindergarten program.

Communal indoor/outdoor play areas provide interaction between various rooms, siblings and educators, making transitions between rooms easier.

The Hon Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care, opened the $2.55 million Children's Centre for Early Childhood Education at the SMB Campus on 4 April 2012. The new centre contributes greatly to the education and childcare needs of many families throughout Ballarat.