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All About Kids Varsity Lakes Early Education & Care

Welcome to All About Kids Varsity Lakes Early Education & Care

Opening January 6 2020, All About Kids Early Education and Care welcomes children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, providing a safe family environment for children to flourish.

All About Kids understands that each child is unique, providing innovative education and care to foster growth, confidence and independence.

To see more details visit our main web site here.

471 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227

Type  ZCDC
Days of operation  


Why Us?

  • Family owned and operated with extensive experience in the early childhood sector

  • State of the art facilities promoting purposeful play

  • Tertiary educated teachers and extra curricular activities

  • Committed to giving families the best opportunities and a wonderful foundation in early education

  • Minutes from the motorway and the Varsity train station