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Warrandyte Primary OSHC

Welcome to Warrandyte Primary School OSHC Program

Our Out of School Hours (OSHC) program operates out of the Multipurpose complex between 7.15-8.45am (BEFORE CARE) and 3.30pm-6.30pm (AFTER CARE) daily.

To see more details visit our main web site here.

The OSHC program offers both indoor and outdoor experiences. It gives the choice of structured activities and creates opportunities for children to initiate their own play and have choice to materials, encouraging decision making and independence. The program encourages children to initiate and participate in recreational experiences, supporting their physical, creative, aesthetic development. The programming process caters for all needs, interests and abilities of all children.

All our OSHC team members are caring, committed and qualified individuals. We are a registered and accredited program, giving us CCS funding from the Commonwealth Government for 30 funded places at Aftercare. This enables all families to access Child Care Subsidy, which can be obtained from the Family Assistance Office (FAO) to assist with fees. The fee reduction is in accordance with the family’s annual income and is managed through the Childcare Management System (CCMS).Families need to contact the FAO in order to obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN) on 136150.