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Next Steps Kindy Ltd

Welcome to Next Steps Kindy Ltd

About Us

Located in Brisbane's northern suburb of Everton Park, Next Steps Kindy is a ministry of Northside Christian College and Nexus Church.

The Kindy’s safe and vibrant learning spaces create the perfect environment to explore, discover, experiment and grow. Our nurturing staff are enthusiastic about instilling a love of learning and an experience of God’s love.

Our goal is to prepare children for the best start at school and educate them to discover their God-given potential.

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151 Flockton St, Everton Park, QLD, 4053

Type  ZCDC
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Our Program

Teaching from a Christian worldview, we encourage children to actively explore God’s creation and discover their place in it.

Our daily activities include devotions and prayer, activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, numeracy, literacy, music and creative skills. We provide opportunities to develop social skills and learn about the world around us as well as prepare for the best start at school.