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Knox Childcare and Kindergarten

Welcome to Knox Childcare and Kindergarten

Knox Childcare and Kindergarten Provides

  • High quality, affordable care for children aged 0 to 5 years

  • Qualified, Professional, Experienced and Energetic staff

  • Extra-curricular Activities include Music and Movement Program (at no extra cost)

  • Fully air-conditioned & ducted heating throughout

  • Qualified Chef preparing multicultural and nutritionally balanced meals

  • Specialised Kinder Programming the kinder room

  • HUGE, natural outdoor play areas with lots of room to discover, explore and develop their curiosity

  • Separate outdoor play areas for the babies, toddlers and kinders

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17 Old Orchard Dr, Wantirna South, VIC, 3152

Type  ZCDC
Phone  03 9801 0033
Days of operation  


Our Philosophy

At Knox Childcare and Kindergarten we aim to provide a safe, warm, secure environment for your child. We provide 'homely' centre where children from all backgrounds feel welcome and are able to express themselves in a positive, safe and supported way. Using positive guidance, children are able to develop positive self worth and confidence.

Staff are an integral part of our centre and are encouraged to continue their professional development to enhance the program. Children are provided with opportunities to experience both indoor and outdoor activities and rest times are provided throughout the day. We respect all children and their families and welcome parent involvement in decision making in the form of advice, suggestions and time spent with the children at the centre. Our educational framework is based upon the belief that, through play and children's natural curiosity to explore and experiment, skills are achieved at individual levels. These programs are driven by the interests of the children and supported by the Early Years Learning Frameworks.

Every child at Knox Childcare and Kindergarten is encouraged to reach their full potential. All children come with their own strengths, which they can share and develop. We encourage the children to explore their strengths and therefore gain confidence. The ability to construct and direct their learning with our early childhood qualified professionals provides a dynamic culture and environment that is a natural extension to their home environment. Every member of the Knox Childcare and Kindergarten's team respects that every child needs nurturing relationships with their parents.

Our centre reflects the needs of our local community and the families who rely on the service provided. We have autonomy, within professional guidelines, to devise and offer individuality within our programs, to meet local community needs.