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Laverton Community Children's Centre

Welcome to Laverton Community Children's Centre

This innovative project was established as a children’s hub in March 2006. The foundation of the Centre was created with funding made available from the Department of Human Services, Hobsons Bay City Council and the Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House Incorporated. The Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House Incorporated is now known as the Laverton Community Integrated Services (LCIS). LCIS is the incorporated association which has three sub branches including the children’s centre. The children’s centre offers a variety of services for children and families in the community and strives to enhance early childhood education and quality care programs at all times.

The Laverton Community Children’s Centre has a team of committed early childhood educators who actively participate in professional development, enriching their professional skills and pedagogical knowledge in the field of early childhood education. The centre is committed to working with local families to achieve the best outcomes for all children. Staff and management welcome and value your contributions, ideas and suggestions.

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15 Crown St, Laverton, VIC, 3028

Type  ZCDC
Phone  03 9360 0964
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