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Marlborough Primary School Combined OSHC

Welcome to Marlborough Primary School Combined OSHC

Marlborough Primary School Out of School Hours Care Service is a valuable and integral part of the school community. The service is available to families who require a quality childcare service out of school hours. (Hours of operation 7.00am – 8.45am and 3.30pm – 6.00pm).

The program is run ‘in house’ by school staff who are appropriately qualified under the National Quality Framework. The in house nature of the program ensures that staff have a valuable insight into each child’s interests and ideas and this knowledge informs and enhances our practices. We are very proud of the fact that we achieved an ‘Exceeding’ rating in Quality Area 5 ‘Relationships with Children’!

We offer a fun, accessible, flexible, responsive, stimulating, affordable and NQF compliant Out of School Hours Care program. We endeavour to provide an exciting and varied program throughout the year, one that ‘enhances each child’s learning and development’. The environment is sensitive to cultural diversity and inclusive of all children regardless of physical, intellectual, cultural or religious considerations.

Marlborough Primary School Out of School Hours Care encourages and acknowledges academic, cultural and sporting achievements, creativity, concern for the environment, care and tolerance, service to School and community. The service understands the value of play based learning and encourages children to have input into the program and its content and also encourages Parent participation by informal and formal means.

Hardy Crescent, Heathmont, VIC, 3135

Type  ZOSH
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