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Como Park Childcare & Kindergarten

Welcome to Como Park Childcare & Kindergarten

Como Park Child Care and Kindergarten is run as a quality long day care service for families in the community who require childcare care and learning for their children aged between 6 weeks and 6 years of age. We provide a friendly, caring and stimulating environment for children and offer parents an opportunity to pursue their commitments confident in the knowledge that their children are safe and well cared for. The centre is open and families are invited to use the service between the hours of 6:30am and 6:30pm for 52 weeks per year, closed only public holidays. Como Park Child Care and Kindergarten is a 64 place centre.

Como Park runs as a multi-aging service with two communities for children: 0-3 year community and 3-5 years community. Our over 3’s community operates as a Government Funded Kindergarten for 4 year olds with our Early Childhood Teacher Emma Wallis and we also offer a 3 year old Kindergarten with our Early Childhood Teacher Bridie Butel.

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162-164 Nelson Rd, Lilydale, VIC, 3140

Type  ZCDC
Phone  (03) 9739 6766
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Our Communities for Children

At Como Park Childcare and Kindergarten we recognise every child has the ability to learn and develop at their own pace and our Early Childhood Educators understand that each child has a unique approach to learning. We have high expectations for each child’s learning and development and our educators provide opportunities for children to learn and develop through play and participation in the daily program.