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All Hallows OOSH

Welcome To All Hallows OOSH Enrolment 2022


PLEASE NOTE: Before you commence the application process, it is imperative that you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser. Most versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer do not meet all web standards and some features may not work correctly.

OOSH will receive a notification of your application and it will be approved only if all requested information is provided, therefore it is ESSENTIAL to provide and complete all sections/requirements.

When you lodge your application, you will create a SMARTCENTRAL account which gives you access to the portal. Here, you will be able to change contact details, manage/make bookings, see statements and be able to sign your child in and out of OOSH.

Specific instructions on enrolling

Please have required documents available to upload and required information, these are:

  • Your child's immunisation statement from Medicare
  • Medical plans (Asthma or Anaphylaxis, Allergy Action Plan - recommended plans can be found on our website) if required, these need to be current and in colour
  • Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) for you and your child/ren
  • Medicare number & Doctor details
  • Emergency Contact information - INCLUDING EMAIL ADDRESSES

When ready, please press the above APPLY tab to begin.

  • Complete the required fields and specify your days for care
  • When asked about your child's school, the drop down box will provide options, please specify which year your child will attend in 2021

Enrolling more than one child:

  • Once you have completed the first application, go back to the HOME SCREEN
  • From the drop-down box select the CHILD whose application you want to clone
  • This will pre-fill your application and you will only have to change the relevant parts (child details)

Complying Written Agreement (CWA)

The Child Care Subsidy package requires a Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) for care to be agreed between the service and the parent/guardian enrolling. All families, whether receiving a subsidy or not are required to enter this agreement. Under this, you are liable to pay any amount outstanding should your subsidy be delayed, refused or not applied. This agreement, for you to acknowledge, is sent upon acceptance of your application.

Childcare EasyPay

OOSH uses Childcare EasyPay service for the collection of fees. Fees will be directly debited from your nominated account. Once you are enrolled, OOSH will send you an email with the link to set up your account. The email will come from SMARTCENTRAL (please check your spam if you do not receive it in your inbox).


  • BSC Permanent- 1st Child $15, 2nd $14 3rd $13
  • ASC Permanent - 1st Child $23, 2nd $22 3rd $21
  • Casual BSC $18, $17, $16
  • Casual ASC $27, $26, $25
  • VAC CARE Early Bird $60 (plus extras), Casual rate $65 (plus extras)

Need help?

SmartCentral has created a youtube video for you which will take you through the login and application steps. Please click here to view it.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist you!

The OOSH Team looks forward to welcoming you and your child to our fabulous service!

1 Halley St, FIVE DOCK, NSW, 2046

Type  ZOSH
Phone  02 9713 1379
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