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Welcome to WAYS OOSH and Vacation Care.

WAYS Youth & Family is a dynamic and innovative organisation who are deeply passionate about providing quality, holistic and professional services and a safe, vibrant and innovative space for young people and their families. WAYS excels in meaningfully engaging and meeting the needs of young people and their families.

WAYS OOSH - Learn, Create, Inspire Excite

WAYS OOSH are passionate about creating a community of young people, specifically children aged 9-12 years; to empower them to be informed, able to make choices about their recreational activities and well-being therefore enabling full participation within their community.

Our goals are:

To provide a warm, secure environment designed to encourage decision-making, problem-solving, individual expression, and freedom within limits, where children respect and enjoy each other in a group setting.

To provide a competent, caring and professional staff who understand and meet the needs children in middle childhood.

To provide frequent and open communication with parents to provide support and encourage involvement.


$24 per day, 3pm-7pm Child Care Subsidy Applies

OOSH Enquiries

If you have any OOSH enquiries please call WAYS on 0423 056 900

WAYS Vacation Care

Available every school holidays

As well as our after school care program, WAYS also runs a variety of excursions and activities every school holiday period. New excursions and destinations are continually developed in consultation with our young people and their parents/caregivers.


  • “Thank you for the great activities for the school holidays! I find it so helpful to have activities during the week in the holidays as I still have to work full time and need reasonably priced activities for my children. Thank you for the great service you offer the young people in the area.” Lee, parent

Vacation Care Fees

$95 per day for Early Bird, $115 per day, 8am - 6pm Child Care subsidies apply

Vacation Care Enquiries

For more information about our school holiday programs call WAYS Bondi Beach on 0423 056 900 or email

To see more details visit our main web site here.

63A Wairoa Ave, Bondi, NSW, 2026

Type  ZOSH
Phone  0423 056 900
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