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Quantin Binnah Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Round One Applications for Before and After School 2021 are now closed.

All families will be emailed to advise when Round Two will be open for applications.

If you require care for Before and After School in 2020, please contact admin on 9742 5040.

Welcome to Quantin Binnah Community Centre Inc.

For enquiries please contact the Quantin Binnah administration office :

PH : 03 9742 5040 EM :

Office hours are MON-FRI 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

2-20 Howqua Way Way, WYNDHAM VALE, VIC, 3024

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Phone  +610399748500
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School Age Care

Our educators work in partnership to provide our children with programs which engage children in quality learning experiences, in a community and centre based environment. We endeavour to provide a welcoming, caring, inclusive and supportive environment to all children and their families. We embrace and support children of all skills, abilities and cultures; acknowledging children’s personal, family and cultural histories and shape their learning for development. We view the whole child as an active citizen, capable of learning and contributing to their world.

Our program is based on the significance of play. Play is an important medium in children’s learning. It helps children to make sense of their lives and the wider world and supports children’s creativity, self-expression, problem solving skills, language development, concentration and independence.

All of our staff are qualified and experienced in planning and implementing high quality early childhood education programs. Educators are committed to improving their skills and knowledge and to staying abreast of changes occurring within the field. Ongoing reflection and evaluation allow our educators to offer the best opportunities for the children in their care.

Our sessions provide educators with increased opportunities to support children’s learning through working with the frameworks and quality areas by: 

  • interacting with children individually and in small groups, including facilitating their play

  • providing children with individual attention and support for learning providing deeper exploration of topics related both to the curriculum and emergent curriculum based on children’s interests

  • conducting authentic, developmental and culturally appropriate assessment

  • communicating with children’s families and communities

Applicable Childcare Subsidy is paid by the Department of Human Services. For more information please see: