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St Catherine's School

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Due to staff shortages Early and Late Club have been cancelled for the remainder of the Summer Holiday Program. To allow for contnuity of care we will operate for our main program hours of 9am-3.30pm each day.

Our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program is an integral part of the Beyond the Curriculum (BTC) Department, we offer before and after school care and vacation Care.

Our OSHC Program aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We are committed to providing a high quality and fun program that allows the children to choose how their time will be spent. We recog​nise that child directed play as well as more structured activities are important aspects of a child's development. We aim to foster positive self-esteem in each child and regard meeting the individual needs of all children and their families as a priority.

Should you wish to visit the service or arrange a meeting to discuss your child's needs, this can be arranged by calling us or emailing us.

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26 Albion Street, WAVERLEY, NSW, 2024

Type  ZOSH
Phone  8305 6313 or 0418 651 137
Days of operation  


Summer Holiday Program 2021/22Brochure

Before School Care

Opening Hours: 7am-7.50am

Fees: $18.80 or $21.80 for casual bookings

Our Before-School Care program offers students:

• A warm and welcoming environment to start their school day • Homework assistance • Quiet activities including art and craft, reading, board games, imaginative play and building and construction

Before School Care is located in the OSHC office at the front of the Junior School.

After School Care

Opening Hours: 3pm-6pm

Fees: $25.90 or $28.90 for casual bookings

Late Collection Fee: It is important that you daughter is collected no later than 6pm, otherwise a penalty of $10 for each 15 minutes will be applied.

Our After-School Care program offers students:

• Study Club for students in Years 5-6 in the library from 3.00pm – 4.00pm where they will work on their homework supervised by a member of staff • Homework assistance for all students • Art and craft activities • Outdoor sports and games • Imaginative play opportunities • Quiet activities including reading, board games, drawing and building and construction • Teacher led and child directed play​ • Afternoon tea and snack

After School Care is located in the Junior School Library. You can collect your daughter from the glass double doors at the front of the Junior School Lawn.

For more information visit StCathsConnect

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Holiday Program

St Catherine’s holiday programs aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment where children can go during the holidays to play, relax and learn new skills. All our programs are open to students of the school, siblings, boys and girls in the community. We offer a range of programs including multi-activity, sport specific, educational, creative and performing arts programs.

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How to enrol and book

Before you commence the enrolment and booking please read this how to enrol guide.

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If your child has never attended St Catherine's OSHC or Holiday Program you will need to sign up a new account.

If you have already been using SmartCentral for your before and after school care bookings, login using your email and existing password.

If your child has attended OSHC or a Holiday Program previously but this is your first time logging in to SmartCentral, we have already set up an account for you. Use Username: your email address Password: your mobile number with no spaces eg 0412345678 (Just use the 'Forgot your password?' function if your mobile number doesn't work) .

Once logged in, click on Applications (not Bookings). A complete enrolment application is required for all holiday program bookings. If you would like to add additional sessions eg Late Club, please complete a new application.

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