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Roseville Kids Care provides before and after school care to the children of Roseville Public School. Our vacation care program is open to primary school aged children.

Before School Care

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After School Care

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Enrolment Procedure

Roseville Kids Care follows the federal government's priority of access guidelines. Priority is given to parents who are working, studying or looking for work. To begin the enrolment process please click on the APPLY icon at the top of the page.

All enrolment's for 2018 are due by Friday 3rd of November 2017. All families will receive written confirmation by the end of November outlining your child’s place in our program or the days you are on the waiting list if we are full.

Statement of Philosophy

Roseville Kids Care is a place where children play and learn within a safe, caring ­­and supportive environment.

At RKC we aim to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging and is accepted and respected as an individual. The children can explore their imaginative worlds while learning positive life skills through supervised independence and collaborative team work.

Children are encouraged to challenge themselves and reach towards their full potential through play, where they can build upon their self-expression, self-direction and self-discipline. They are then able to apply these skills in a meaningful way in an environment they feel comfortable and confident in.

We aim to develop the whole child by encouraging open communication, implementing inclusive practices and celebrating diversity through our programs, play and progressive attitudes.

Active involvement of the parents and members of the community in our programs is encouraged and valued by our educators.

Our educators are committed to a cycle of self-reflection, peer-to-peer discussions and continued learning to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment.

Ultimately, Roseville Kids Care is a place where kids can be kids and play is highly valued.

Hours of Operation

BSC: 7.00 am - 9.00 am

ASC: 3.10 pm - 6.00 pm

VAC: 7.00 am - 6.00 pm



BSC: $13.00/child

ASC: $27.00/child

VAC: $58.00/child plus excursion costs (discount provided to current before and after school care families.


BSC: $15.00/child

ASC: $30.00/child

Late Fee: $1.00 per minute per child for the first half an hour and then $2.00 per minute thereafter

Search Fee (for unexplained absences): $10.00/child

Annual Family Registration Fee: $40.00


Families are eligible for the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Tax Rebate. For information please contact the Family Assistance Office (part of Centrelink) on 13 61 50.

Our Website

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More about us

At Roseville Kids Care we are committed to Article 31 of the UN Convention on the rights of the child -the child’s right to play and leisure opportunities. Free play and leisure activities provide opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. As educators we believe that children have a structured busy day and at Roseville Kids Care we need to be as unstructured as we possibly can within the bounds of reason. We give children the choice and freedom to play within a safe and supportive environment. By giving children unstructured play time to engage in discovery, physical, creative, imaginative and manipulative play we are allowing children to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively.

We strive to create an environment with plenty of options for the children to choose from. When children choose what and how to play, they learn important skills and life lessons that are different to those they learn when playing adult-directed games and activities.

At Roseville Kids Care, educators allow time and create spaces that encourage children to explore, build relationships, solve problems and create meaning.