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St Francis of Assisi Out Of School Care Program ASC

Welcome to St Francis of Assisi Out Of School Care Program.

We here at St. Francis of Assisi are very fortunate to have an extensive, inclusive and fully accredited Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program with Vacation Care. Our program boasts an environment that is inclusive of children of all abilities, and uses the interests of the children and their families as the foundation for our weekly themes and activities.

Professional educators provide care for the children between 6:40am and 8:40 in the morning and between 3:30 and 6pm in the evening. Breakfast and afternoon tea is offered during these times respectively; children can enjoy a variety of cereals, toast, fresh fruit and fruit juices for breakfast, and sandwiches, fresh fruit and a myriad of options from a rotating menu in the afternoon. Special foods are provided during warmer and cooler months, and special days.

Our partnerships with families and rapport with the children ensure that our program’s activities are child-centred and are founded on the individual needs and interests of the children. Children can participate in both active and passive activities, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Activities include arts and crafts, creative construction spaces, active sports, reading corners and homework club. Extra activities and incursions are organised during special days/themes and playground opportunities are offered during days with favourable weather.

We endeavour to achieve best practice in all aspects of our program, striving to create a caring, stimulating and positive environment for all children.

We establish this through:

  • The design of our extensive, well maintained play spaces that are easily navigated for children of all abilities.
  • Maintaining consistent and regular communication and rapport between children and families.
  • The provision of a large variety of stimulating, child-centred indoor and outdoor resources and activities to promote and foster co-operative play and friendships with peers.
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their own play space and choices, and to be familiarised with daily routines.
  • Creating a respectful and considerate environment where individualism and diversity are celebrated.
  • The implementation of environmentally sound practices that encourages children to make choices based on their ecological footprint.
  • The understanding and respect for both family and community values as reflected through our multiculturally diverse themes and activities.