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Yarm Gwanga Preschool & Early Education Centre

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About Us

At Yarm Gwanga we understand that placing your child in a Armidale Childcare is an important decision and as such, we feel privileged to play an integral role in your child’s learning and development at Yarm Gwanga Vacation Care, Armidale with Child Care Our aim is to function as an extended family in order to provide your child with the security, warmth and love which are essential to their development and growth.

Our professional and dedicated carers provide a program that enables children to learn through exploration and stimulating experiences. We aspire to create an environment that provides enjoyable and creative learning. This is achieved through activities designed to support your child in all areas of growth. Give us a call at Yarm Gwanga Vacation Care, Armidale or visit our web site with Child Care.

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  • To provide a nurturing, sensitive and educational environment which welcomes children from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

  • To plan a program in conjunction with families and specialist educators to meet the individual needs of each child.

  • To encourage socially responsible behaviour towards others and to develop positive feelings of self worth.

  • To have predictable routines for the day and to offer consistent care within a flexible framework.

  • To provide a safe, hygienic and secure environment.

Family and Community

  • To value the uniqueness of all members of the Yarm Gwanga community – children, families and staff.

  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere where families will feel encouraged to participate in the life of the centre and feel a sense of belonging.

  • To develop mutual respect and support, and encourage active communication and involvement in the program.

  • To actively participate in all relevant aspects of community life.

  • To provide awareness and information on current Early Childhood issues, standards and practices.

Long Term Aims for Children at Yarm Gwanga

  • To provide a healthy, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment.

  • To provide a high quality program which is based on current educational theory and practise and acknowledges that each child has their own learning style, special talents, interests and needs.

  • To provide a wide rage of experiences which represent the diversity of Australian culture and are based on anti biased curriculum.

  • To provide a variety of experiences that allow for spontaneous as well as planned activities to assist children’s development.

  • To offer an integrated creative arts program which is linked to the whole program and which includes a diversity of cultural and ethnic experiences.

  • To work with parents in partnership so as to promote in the children healthy self esteem which we believe is vital for positive physical, intellectual and social growth.

  • To offer a nutritious diet that offers a variety of foods which are culturally appropriate, includes special dietary considerations and is well balanced.

  • To provide a pleasant and social environment in which the children develop an interest and enjoyment in meal times.

  • To maintain high standards of personal and Centre hygiene.